My health journey began in my early teens. I suffered from relentless digestive upsets and inflamed acne that covered my face, back, and chest. Painful IBS cramps kept me home from school and I was embarrassed of my appearance. Countless doctors left me with more questions than answers. Every appointment culminated in new magic pill and cure-all cream leading to further destruction of my microbiome and confidence. My skin worsened and my digestive issues persisted.

I felt helpless, embarrassed, and unsupported. No one was asking the right questions and I was not looking at the larger picture. Years went by.

In college I began studying the power of the gut and its impact on overall health. I also discovered that skin issues are caused by an imbalanced microbiome.  The skin is a reflection of the disorder taking place internally. The solution wasn’t to simply treat the symptoms. I needed to start by healing the root. It was scary cutting out all antibiotics and harsh topical medications, but they were clearly not the answer.  

More importantly, I took time to address my critical self-image issues. I began incorporating nourishing practices such as  meditation and yoga. Years past and I felt dramatically better. My skin was clearer, but still flared up. My self-image improved, but I felt there was more. The final step on my continued path was addressing my diet.

Sugar is my weakness and I craved it constantly. Too much sugar wreaks havoc on your digestive and endocrine systems. I also wasn’t getting enough fresh fruits and veggies—my diet relied too heavily on meat and dairy. I credit a switch to a plant based diet as the best decision I’ve made for my health. The abundance of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids encouraged my skin to begin healing.  The removal of inflammatory foods allowed for digestive upsets to subside. The absence of artificial hormones from meat and dairy allowed my own hormones to naturally regulate. Fresh, whole foods and herbs are such powerful medicine. I found my body wanted to heal itself when given the support and nourishment it needed. It has taken many years to find exactly what works for me, but I believe it’s an important journey for everyone to experience

I became a  Holistic Health Coach to support others along their journey. I’m most passionate about helping others better know themselves and empowering them to take their own steps towards healing.